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IntelligeneCG®  ("ICG"), is a high-complexity, CLIA-certified laboratory committed to providing reliable and innovative specialized laboratory services. At ICG™, our experienced team offers a broad array of high-complexity molecular diagnostic tests that help clinician’s tailor treatment needs based on their patient’s genetic profiles.

At ICG™, we serve managed care organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, physicians and other healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems, employers, patients and consumers, contract research organizations, and independent clinical laboratories.

We provide our partners with prompt and efficient turnaround times with the most accurate interpretation. 

Our CLIA lab services can be extended to companies that wish to outsource their diagnostic testing (proprietary and non-proprietary) whether to accommodate higher sample volume, or just expand certain capabilities and offerings to their facilities and professionals. 




Whether you plan an individual or group sport, or you are just an enthusiast, understanding your genetic profile can help shape your training goals and how to achieve them. For athletes, there are two major components that impact you. Performance and Nutrition. Each component has several elements under it. Performance measures your body’s ability to deal regarding things like speed, power, strength, endurance, recovery, and injury. Nutrition deal with how your body processes foods and generates energy. They can be used to manage diets, achieve certain nutrition goals or maintaining a healthier lifestyle in general. 


As a trainer, you can take advantage of personalized medicine to understand your athlete better and develop the most appropriate training programs for their need. For example, using genetic analysis, you can determine if your athletes are naturally built for sports that require endurance vs. power, or speed vs. strength. You can also identify their ability to recover after workout or likelihood of injury in certain area. When it comes to developing great athletes, information is power. 


Nutritionists understand that changing eating habits or using supplements can have a great impact on a person. Using genetics to understand and determine your client’s ability to process or utilize nutrition can provide an improved understanding of their own body and how to best develop a nutrition plan that fits their exact needs. 

Facility Programs

Facility Programs (Youth Programs, Elderly Care Programs, Daycare Programs) can partner with our lab to provide an added value services to their athletes and clients. Your trainers and nutritionists can work with our team to interpret results and provide the appropriate plan for everyone. Sample collection is simple and is done by the athletes them self. We can also train your staff and ensure they can provide the support needed. 



No one else has your genetic makeup.  There are several applications where genetics analysis is useful in improving individual healthcare decisions. The most common requests are for Cancer Genomics (CGx) and Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing. The first is used to determine the risk of developing a certain type of cancer or diagnosis, while the other is used to determine a patient’s response or lack of response to a certain medication.  However, other areas of testing also include Alzheimer's, Parkinson, Dementia and Chronic disease investigation. Please make sure to visit our online store for a list of our testing packages. 

Primary Care Providers (PCPs)

Primary Care Physicians deal with routine and
non-routine patient conditions every day. They are the first line of defense. In most cases, PCPs prescribe common medication based on standard treatment protocols or standards. However, with the growth in personalize medicine and genetics, PCPs can leverage these concepts to improve their patient’s experience by utilizing tests such as PGx (Pharmacogenetics) to determine patient’s response to certain drugs before prescribing them. The CDC categorized those recommended treatments for PGX testing in different categories based on relevance and likelihood of impact on the decision to prescribe a certain drug. 

Urologists, Gynecologist, GI's and Other Infections

As a high complexity lab, we offer molecular testing methods to aid PCPs, Gynecologists, GI's and urologists in the management of problematic or resistant infections. There are several reasons why Molecular testing is making a difference in how physicians detect and treat infections:
Faster Turn Around. PCR testing can produce results within 24-48 hours of testing compared to culture testing.
Organisms Identified. It can identify organisms that are hard to grow in routine culture and parasites.
Organisms Tested. A large number of organisms that cannot grow in routine culture are tested.
Drug Resistance. With the increase in detection of drug resistant organisms, more precise detection of the cause is increasingly critical to diagnosis and treatment.


Oncologists can utilize genetic testing results
to determine a person’s likelihood of developing certain cancer (CGx), or patient’s resistance or ability to process certain treatments such as chemotherapy (PGx) or determine the most effective targeted therapy available as well as Clinical Trials available in the US that patients can apply to.


Genetic analysis and an assessment of family history can provide an insight into an individual cardiovascular health. Genetic analysis can determine the individual’s cardiovascular health through evaluating various factors including potential for heart related disease, chronic conditions that can lead to heart disease, and signs of any deterioration in cardiovascular activity. In addition, our Cardio panel can be repeated on a periodic basis to monitor these factors as the individual's progresses in age or with time. 

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities wishing to expand their capabilities or provide an added value to their patients, can partner with our lab to act as their reference labs providing them with a more efficient way to service their client’s needs. Our facility program including 24-48 hours turnaround time on routine tests, electronic submission of results based on a fee for service or insurance billing model. As a partner facility, we can customize testing protocol based on each patient needs or to match treatment protocols within the facility. Cost per test is contract based enabling your facility to better budget and monitor your spending.

     Research & Development

Clinical Investigations

Regardless of the field of study, our scientists are skilled and available to assist your scientific project to develop testing protocols and methodologies that support your research.  As a high complexity laboratory, we offer full service molecular testing and interpretation services.

Contract Research

Let us provide you turnkey high complexity GLP
molecular testing services for your project.  

Non-Clinical Research

We can partner with your organization to provide the genetic research support needed to validate your project objectives. We will work with your team to define the required analysis, expected output, and deliver in a timely manner with high quality.

     Business Solutions

COVID-19 Surveillance Solutions

Businesses with continuing requirements for COVID-19 testing can partner with our lab to provide timely and accurate test results for your employees. Tests can be billed directly to employee insurance, to the business or to the employee directly depending on the situation. Current, most insurance do not cover COVID-19 testing for travel or non-medical reasons. Simplify the process and reduce turnaround time by partnering with our lab to provide you with the testing you need.

Industrial Safety Testing

Genetic testing and analysis do not extend only to human clinical or medical use. It also extends to various industries that can benefit from the information and utilize it to improve their competitive position. The concept of genetic analysis can help industries like animal health, agriculture, food industries and other that require continues or ad-hoc genetic analysis in their operation. We can help provide you with access to those services and act as your direct genetic and/or research laboratory.

Agricultural Compliance Testing

Public health and safety are paramount in today’s food supply chain.  Our genetic testing services apply to all animal and agricultural species.  We can facilitate the detection and investigation of foodborne bacterial outbreaks and provide laboratory support in other food and animal production regulatory activities. 

Scientific Research

If your organization or research require genetic testing, our laboratory can provide a custom solution based on collaboration between our team to achieve your goal.



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